SHAPES is a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to transforming their bodies and minds through Pilates, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Not only do members gain access to our unique videos but also to our Members Group, here they will find extra content, support, and connections to likeminded people around the globe.

SHAPES is a platform that brings the power of Pilates and fitness to parks, living rooms, studios, offices, beaches and rooftops across the world, any time day or night; through videos that can be used for self-practice or sharing with loved ones. The community of members builds solidarity; and with unlimited access to videos, members can indulge in sustaining strength, balance, and wellbeing nurturing a love of their own bodies.


Pilates is at the heart of SHAPES, and our founder, Paola Langella, has created unique Pilates routines that flow from the heart. There are two key types of Pilates available at SHAPES: traditional Dynamic Pilates, and a more energetic Cardio Pilates.

Dynamic Pilates

This is a modernised version of Pilates that adheres to the principles developed in Germany in the early 20th century. At SHAPES we believe that Dynamic Pilates can be very beneficial to the body as it is more strenuous than a normal Pilates class. You will flow during these classes through a variety of functional movements and more traditional Pilates exercises. You will target every single muscle but still keep the movements precise and controlled. Breathing is of great importance; it will help you to engage the lower abdominals and develop a beautiful, strong and flat stomach. Dynamic Pilates is the best workout to sculpt your figure and has cardiovascular benefits too.

Cardio Pilates

Cardio Pilates is mix of Dynamic Pilates, fitness and cardio exercises. At SHAPES we believe this is the best for improving your overall fitness, as well as, shaping your body and losing some inches. If you already integrate cardio as part of your weekly fitness routine, it’s fine to skip that part of the video. We believe in fast and intense cardio intervals for great fat burning


Our videos are either 15 or 20 minutes and are designed to flexibly fit into your week and schedule. They can be practised twice in a row to create workouts of 30 or 40 minutes or you can repeat the workouts 2-3 times during the week. It is easy to combine our workouts with any other fitness activity you do. The videos are as diverse as the lives and bodies of our members. You can choose to focus on specific parts of your body, achieving goals, or healing ailments. You are able to filter videos for a certain topic or body part, you will be able to build up your  selections in your own personal video library. Each week, a new video will be added to the site, so you will always get the chance to have a fresh workout. Members can also request videos via the community Facebook page.


Our routines are designed so you will always have a total body workout - never isolated. At SHAPES we believe that every routine should provide a good core workout to promote a strong and healthy back, even if you are focusing on another body area in that video. The focus is always on shaping your body, reduction in inches, improving posture, building lean, toned, long muscles and on reducing stress. You will be able to stand taller,  creating for yourself a strong core and back. Forget your scales and use a pair of jeans that don’t fit you as you would like. These should be your new scales. Remember that 1 kg of muscle weighs the same of 1kg of fat, but it occupies a different space in the body. So, you can weigh the same but don’t look the same. Our clothes are our new scales. In addition to this, you should follow a balanced and healthy diet with carbs, proteins and vegetables. When eating, think about loving your body and that you want to nurture it in the best and healthiest way possible.

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