Be Loving - We believe that all our members should come from a desire to honour our bodies and their potential. At Shapes, we do not subscribe to pressure, or body shaming, and we do not believe that wellness needs to be a solitary lifestyle.

Be Free - We believe that you should not be forced to commit to membership, you will only receive our newsletter if you choose to, and we encourage members to practice as often or as little as works with their lives at any given time.

Be Open - We believe everyone should have access to the tools they need to live healthy and happy lives. The prices of our membership will always reflect our desire to share Pilates and other wellness practices with as many people as possible in a meaningful way.

Be Empowered - We make sure you can find videos that can meet your individual needs, and if we haven’t already anticipated your needs, you will be able to influence what videos are created and shared with the Shapes community.


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